Villa Aliki Bayview in Mirtos

    Villa Aliki Bayview is situated higher in te mountains and provides you with a magnificant view over the sea and the village Mirtos.

    The houses are large with one large living room (40m2), two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The kitchen is very well equiped with ceramic griddles, a furnace, a nice double doors frigidaire, a dishwasher and a washing machine,

    All apartments are very large, the living room is about 40 m2 and you have two large bedrooms and a large bathroom at your disposal. The lower apartment has a large garden and the upper apartment has three gardens in layers. Both apartments have a terrace overlooking the beach and the sea. Kitchens and all other facilities are equiped luxurious. Both the balcony and the terraces are provided with furniture.

    All rooms in the houses and apartments have air conditioning and/or ceiling aerators. Also a flatscreen television, with built in dvd-player (with satellite reception) is present.