Mirtopolis in Mirtos

    Welcome to Mirtopolis in Mirtos!
    According to Feng Shui, this very special spot is ideally positioned, offering a breathtaking and unique view towards the sea, flanked by hundreds of olive trees and sheltered by the Cretan mountains in the back yet only a few minutes by feet away from the beautiful blue-flagged beach of Mirtos. MIRTOPOLIS -the place of extraordinary quality and style, with subtile colours, natural materials and losts of extras, the place where everlasting sunshine and the crystal-clear blue water of the Lybian sea smelt with the starlit nightsky of Southern Crete, best suited to provide relaxation and recreation of body, mind and soul well away from the hectic life of work and chores and the perfect destination for those seeking a combination of natural beauty, quietness and liberty.
    Recharge your batteries and set your soul free!.

    Freestanding, in breezy height and surrounded by a beautiful garden, not bothered by neighbours, MIRTOPOLIS is often compared with the famous Akropolis and thus became into being MIRTO(s)(Akro)POLIS and - in the truest sense of the word - is "one step closer to paradise". MIRTOPOLIS is open all year and perfectly convenient for both, individuals as well as for groups to hold courses or seminars of all kind.