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    On this website about Mirtos or Myrtos in South East Crete you will find a lot of information and photos about not only the village of Mirtos with just over 600 inhabitants. But attention is also paid to other destinations in Eastern Crete.

    The number of photos and films is now more than 2500, partly thanks to contributions from others. Because of this we have created a database that clearly meets a need.

    During the construction of the website in March 2006, there was hardly anything to be found on the Internet about, for example, a place of interest such as the ghost town of Kalaimi. It now appears everywhere on the Internet.

    Mirtos has been my favorite holiday destination in more than 10 years. Are you also enthusiastic about a subtropical place on this globe where tourism has not yet hit the masses and you are still warmly welcomed by the local population and the many tavernas? Then the choice for a holiday to Mirtos is obvious. Welcome!
    Mirtos sea
    Cat in Mirtos