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    The origin:
    The website www.mirtos-reizen.nl was created in March 2006 because of a great love for my favorite holiday destination.
    It seemed a pity to just throw all those photographs in the drawer or let them disappear for eternity into the computer. For that reason I published them on the World Wide Web, partly for myself, to be able to see them back, but mainly for others to be able to participate in my passion.

    When you stay in Mirtos, you inevitably visit places further afield. Therefore I have also published photographs of our other destinations in East Crete.

    Soon the website seemed to foresee in an informative need, considering the satisfying amount of visitors. The website kept growing and growing, partly due to the contribution of others, who provided me with information and photographs. At the moment more than 2500 photographs and movies can be found on the site.

    Apart from a lot of photographs and movies the website also offers information, although we are reluctant in doing so. The reason for this is to encourage you to visit this fantastic area of Crete yourself and to compose your own text.
    Nevertheless you find articles about the history of Crete, points of interest regarding all of East Crete and villages like ghost town Kalami, about which almost no information was available on the Internet.

    We find that we have succeeded in our original goal, an objective and informative website about Mirtos and East Crete.
    Mirtos sea
    Cat in Mirtos